UC-School is a cloud based integrated ERP Software which is a comprehensive solution for schools, colleges, and large universities.

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UC-Shoppe helps you build your online store at ease, with a custom domain name. We also provide Chatbot services along with this software.

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UC-Track provides end-to-end smart fleet management solutions using IoT and wearables technology along with Al-Smart-OBD devices.

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Blockchain refers to a distributed ledger technology wherein the database is shared across the network, in a secure and transparent manner.

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We Are Unstoppable

Unique Creations Software (UCS) offers ICT solutions to small, medium and large enterprises across the globe. We consistently invest in our products, people and culture for ensuring the quality expectations of our customers. Innovation and customer experience are the two cornerstones on which we want to build our business successfully.

We are early adopters of new technology like Hyperledger Fabric technology for Blockchain and Machine learning (NLU/NLP) for Chatbot development.

  • We are a team of qualified and dedicated personnel, who are quick learners with substantial technical capabilities.
  • We make use of reusable components for optimising the Schedule, Cost, Performance and Quality.
  • We are open to supporting our customers on any technology, they require.
  • We are conscious about Quality, Performance, Schedule and the Cost.

Our core values

Our company runs on a strong foundation of core values which include integrity by being accountable, commitment to our projects as well as empowerment of our customers.


Consistent openness and honesty are the prerequisites for working in a fair and accountable manner. This is the best way for building positive and lasting business relationships.


We have a deep respect for the needs of our customers and a genuine desire to create opportunities that will help individuals and organisations to control their own design and destiny.


Determination, dedication and a continual sense of responsibility are at the heart of our absolute passion to excel in everything we do.

Our Services

App Development

We are a newly emerging mobile app development company, with mobile app developers skilled enough to make seamless, high performing, engaging and interactive mobile applications catering to your business goals and objectives.

Cloud Services

Small, Medium and Large enterprises are compelled to use IT services & solutions for staying ahead of its competition, as the use of IT help them become more efficient and profitable.


Our DevOps consulting services help your company in making the journey towards automation much easier and efficient.Increase the quality of your application by having a system where everything ranges from software development.


Your SEO consultant can find lucrative keywords and niches with great ROI where you can make money easily, carry out detailed market research and competitive analysis, and help you build content to pull in traffic that will close big deals for you.