Vehicle tracking using GPS

UC-Track helps you to track your vehicles anytime and anywhere, thereby ensuring efficient management of the fleet of vehicles. Now you can be constantly updated about each and every step which the vehicles take using UC-Track.

Providing Real-time alerts

UC-Track is packed with features that are essential to ensure the safety of your fleet of vehicles. Timely information will be provided to the respective personnel in case of any emergency.

Monitors Driving Behaviour

Using UC-Track’s OBD driving tools and functions, you will get a better picture of the fleet driver’s driving style. This helps in guiding the fleet drivers to drive the vehicles in a safer manner.

About UC-Track

UC-Track provides end-to-end smart fleet management solutions using IoT and wearables technology.
UC-Track provides the best solution for fleet management by using Al-Smart-OBD devices.

This comes along with our associated cloud based web and mobile app software suite. Track each and every activity of the fleet of vehicles in transit.

Who are the users of UC-Track

Transportation companies with small/medium/large fleet

Emergency service fleet operators (Ambulances)

Educational institutes (Schools and Colleges)

Any other fleet business

What you can do with UC-Track

Now no need to worry about reduced fuel levels, over speeding of vehicles, maintenance, the location of the fleet and managing other associated factors since UC-Track provides the best solution for controlling all of these.

More Features

UC-Track helps in making the process of fleet management more traceable, accountable and safe with features like navigation, trip details, emergency calls and tow-away alerts.


Navigate to vehicle

Locate your vehicle and navigate to where it was parked using this feature. Now there will be no need to think where you would have parked the vehicle, since this feature allows easy navigation.


Trip details

Review recent trips in order to analyse driving performance in detail. Detailed statistics are given for all the trips, to get a deeper insight into the distance covered by the fleet of vehicles, average fuel consumption and also the cumulative driving score.


Preventive functional call

Whenever our system detects an issue, our customer care team will call and offer immediate towing services and even technician support to the vehicles who might be facing a problem while in transit. You will be informed about the nearest authorized service centre.


Tow-away alert

In case if your vehicle gets towed away, you will be immediately alerted about the movement of the vehicle from the parked place, since our software has sensors which detects unauthorised movement of the vehicles.

Generating reports

UC-Track helps in the generation of standard reports like consolidated report, current summary report, halt report and idling time report.

Fleet management companies can also prepare default reports like show ignition On/Off report, over speed report, tracking report and trip report. Custom reports can also be prepared by using the information provided by UC-Track.

There is also the option of generating automated reports, wherein UC-Track’s software automatically prepares the reports based on the activities of the fleet of vehicles.

  • Maintain your vehicle in a better manner.
  • Avoid costly and unexpected repair works from happening.
  • Keep the reports for reference in the future.
  • Reduce the level of accidents.

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