We provide IT solutions for the SME segment by customising our off-the-shelf software products.

DevOps is a culture that puts development and IT operations in the same boat. This method improves IT service delivery with both teams working together for continuous development, testing, feedback and deployments. Using agile principles, we create cross-functional teams which comprise developers, IT Ops, infrastructure architects and a Quality Analysis team. Frequent releases and setting up test environments for them becomes a lucid process. Some of the benefits of DevOps include.
  • Increases Customer Satisfaction & Retention.
  • Increases Business Efficiency.
  • More frequent software releases.
  • Faster delivery of new features.
Web Application Development

Improve the efficiency of your business by automating your workflow and developing your custom web application, using modern technologies for optimizing the, schedule, cost, performance and quality.

Mobile Application Development

UCS is a top-notch mobile app development company offering mobile application development services for iOS and Android. With advanced tools and technology our mobile apps developers can create highly customised mobile applications as per the needs of the consumers as well as enterprises.

Native applications

Native apps are applications built entirely using platform specific code, which is, iOS SDK for iPhone, Android SDK for Android, .NET for Windows, etc. We can help you deploy mobile applications for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows smartphones and tablets.

Hybrid Applications

Hybrid apps are part-HTML5 web apps and part-native apps. Like native apps, hybrid apps can be downloaded from app stores and can take advantage of many device features such as access to the camera, address book, accelerometer, app store wallets, etc. Like web apps, hybrid apps are built using HTML5 for some or most of its components. We deliver cross platform applications through Ionic, React Native, PhoneGap and Sencha Touch development frameworks.

  • Helps in building the richest possible user experience and enables the most optimal performance of your application..
  • By integrating strong mobile architecture expertise with good security and user experience, we provide the blue-print of a strong mobile solution.
  • We help in deploying your applications to the market place for maintaining and upgrading your mobile applications.
  • Easier to maintain and cost-effective as there is only one codebase to deal with.
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SEO and Digital Marketing

Your SEO consultant can find lucrative keywords and niches with great ROI where you can make money easily, carry out detailed market research and competitive analysis, and help you build content to pull in traffic that will close big deals for you. A professional SEO consultant will be a great asset in developing your business.

SEO is an investment with a high return. By tying in SEO to Web analytics data, you may observe certain keywords having great conversion rates for which you rank only on page #2 on Google. Lifting your rank to the top 3 spots on the first page, where most clicks go, can provide a massive return on your modest investment into SEO.

SEO Builds Trust & Credibility

SEO can make your brand stronger, better and well recognised. The eventual goal should be that, when people search for business critical and relevant keywords and phrases, they should find you at the top of search results.

SEO is a Long-Term Strategy

SEO can deliver quick results. It can be effective in the short term and help businesses who need results now. And that’s the primary appeal of SEO to certain types of business owners.

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